Monday, September 6, 2010

Laurie - Rue Tiquetonne - Paris

hebergeur image


" ... I study Communication.
For me Fashion is to be good looking.
I have no idea about what my look is.
In life, I love food and I hate gerkhins.
My message to the world: Stay cool !..."

I wear a vintage Jacket.
T-Shirt by H&M
Shorts by Zara
Boots by H&M
Etnic Bag by Zankara
Perfume: never


la recessionista said...

J'aime bien sa tenue basique couplée à des accessoires ethniques. très sympa !!! Dis donc, c'est une mine, cette rue tiquetonne !!!

Anonymous said...

I love this blog! The concept is fun and the photos are marvelous.

parisian_love1 said...

Hi there, you have a brilliant Blog with beautiful photos!!
Come and check out an article about Crazy shoes on my Blog:
See you there!

Easy Fashion Fred said...

Oui Charlotte
et moi je suis au fond de la mine et je pousse les wagonnets ! said...

I like the bag!!
I love this blog!!!

Easy Fashion Fred said...

Thanks Allis i
Thanks Pariisian Love !
Thnaks Stela !
Thanks Charlotte !

Alma said...

Beautiful face!

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