Friday, September 10, 2010

Yoshino - Avenue Matignon - Paris

hebergeur image


" ... I study Arts in Beaux Arts School.
Fashion is an important part of my life.
Today my look is casual. I love Sushis.
I hate to be chatted up in the street.
My message to the world: Love Fashion,
Fashion will love you ! ..."

hebergeur image

I wear a top by NewLook
Shoes by Zara
Vintage Bag
Perfume: "Eau Sensuelle" by Rochas


Maria Ana said...

I usually don't like asian girls with their hair dyed (it's so gorgeous! why do that?), but this one looks good! I am going to Paris next week, I'm glad I'll be able to dress more autumn-y clothes!

Grear picture and light as always:)

❤Cate❤ said...

Love her shoes xoxo

Noumia's papers said...

The shoes !!! Je les veux xO

Jules said...

Jolie silhouette
Joli look et joli nom !

Anonymous said...

J'ai déjà vu ces chaussures
pas mal !


Alma said...

What a beautiful mix of clothing! I like a lot over the knee socks! And in my oppinion they fit perfectly asian people.

The Photodiarist said...

Beautifully done, as usual.

Pierre-Jean said...

C'est sympa voir Yoshino. @ +++

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