Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Anne-Catherine - Grand Palais - Paris

hebergeur image

" ... My name is Anne-Catherine. I study in a Fashion
School. There is no day in my life without Fashion.
My look today is my working every day look. I love
my cat Molly. I hate Diseases in general. My message
to the world: Calm down ..."

hebergeur image

I wear a Shirt by Max Mara
Skirt vintage
Shoes by Zara
Beret vintage
Bag vintage
Watch by Hermès as Necklace


stela alves said...

Lovely look, chic, beautiful and elegant!!!
Street Style by Stela

Lauren Helen said...

Sa jupe est la longueur idéale! Elle est trés jolie!

Cheska said...

That looks so chic and pretty! I've just found out how to make a Victorian Jabot ( and I think that if she wore a jabot that it would add another level of class and individuality to her outfit!

Maria Ana said...

Just adorable!

Musette said...

She's lovely - and that bag is lovely, too - though it's bigger than she is! :-D


**OnYxStA** said...

this look reminds me so much of the movie, Amelie

Elsa said...

Cette fille a une bouille incroyable. Je la croise souvent sur d'autres blogs et c'est fou ce qu'elle dégage comme style.

alissa said...

Hermes watch as a necklace!!! You are my favorite :)

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