Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aurélie - Les Tuileries - Paris

hebergeur image

" ... My name is Aurelie. I study Psychology.
For me Fashion Fashion is to have fun. Today,
my look is cosy. I love Psychology. I hate the fight
between wallons and Flemishs. My message to the
world: Enjoy life ! ..."

hebergeur image

I wear a Pancho by H&M
Oversized Sweater by H&M
Bag by Belle Rose
Perfume: Flora Ninphéa by Guerlain


Marion said...

J'adore le poncho avec ces couleurs vives
trop bien !

B. said...

I still love this blog its so colorfull, with a lot of different styles.:)

Maria Ana said...

I love a redhead :)


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful!!

South Moon Under said...

Beautiful blog!! The poncho is awesome! I am still loving global prints for spring 2011!!

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