Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lauren - Rue Montorgueil - Paris

hebergeur image

" ... My name is Lauren. I work as Costums Designer.
For me Fashion is na opportunity to say something
and make feel something. I have no idea about what
my look is today. My message to the world: You can
draw your life and do everything you want to do ..."

hebergeur image

I wear a fur coat by J. Fox vintage from my mother
Boots by Boutik
Skirt from a frip store
Sweater by Rachel Roy
Shades by Emanuelle Khan 5$ from a flea Market
Perfume: Opium by YSL

hebergeur image


Noumia's papers said...

She looks like Kesha, it's fun ;)



Natalia Dominguez said...

I love this! You are amazing!

Feel free to check out my blog:)


the nyanzi report said...

Sweet style and pose.

Alma said...

For me it's a bit too much but looks cool on her! Seems like a rebel girl!:)

FashionAddict said...

This is exactly why I love street style! She looks very boho-edgy, very unique.

Easy Fashion Fred said...

That's the way I like it too !

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, really fantastic :-) xoxo


Mademoiselle Marie said...

Waw, elle ose et elle a bien raison

Anonymous said...

Nice eyes!!!!!


stela alves said...

Ganz Toll!!!
Street Style by Stela

Anonymous said...

I really like the boots and the black socks, so cool.

Fashion Smiley said...

yoou have a great blog
I am your new reader, visit my blog

Antonia said...

lovlovelove :-)


Antonia said...

lovelovelove :-)



Easy Fashion Fred said...

Thank you Antonia
you are very welcome !

2inmadrid said...

Nice pictures! :)



Izumihiiiflower said...

elle est vraiment super belle et j'aime son look! <3

Anonymous said...

J'aime pas ce style ! trop vulgaire ! Evidemment mon commentaire ne sera pas publié pas assez lisse...dommage.

Easy Fashion Fred said...

Evidemment !

Easy Fashion Fred said...

Merci de signer vos commentaires.
C'est quand même ma moindre des choses, il me semble.

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