Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Annie - Les Tuileries - Paris

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"My name is Annie. I am a High-School/Blogger.
For me Fashion is like an Obsession. My look is
something like everyday look. I love Paris & Fashion
Week. I hate to live in a small german city ..."

hebergeur image

I wear a Sailor Jacket by Zara
Floral Top by Zara
Waisted Jeans
Ankle Boots
Hat vintage
Bag by GreenBurry
Necklace made by Myself
Ring from Flea Market
Perfume; "Miss Dior Cherie" by Dior


The Vintage Dreams said...

Un look estupendo! Felicidades!


la recessionista said...

elle est vraiment mignonne !!

jeaneg said...

C'est frais, juvénile, élégant. Chapeau melon et coupe au carré, c'est chic!

Antonia said...

I love her shoes!! :-D


oO-drey said...

I love the bright white tights. She's really cute!

Hattie said...

she's so adorable, I wish that haircut would work for me, but I feel my face is too round... maybe in another life.


B. said...

(I want that hat!)

Anonymous said...

Ring is gorgeous! Of course, like the whole outfit.

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