Monday, March 26, 2012

Leigh Lezark - Les Tuileries - Paris

 hebergeur image
  Leigh Lezark - Les Tuileries - Paris
  Photo by Easy Fashion Fred


Tinacious Me said...

wow love the simplicity of this look! love the one shoulder design!
xo, Tina

Vilde said...


Musette said...

She looks amazing! And I know I'm going to bust the mood here but I HAVE to ask:

1. It's March. In Paris. Isn't it still a bit chilly? Tell me she took off a lovely cape or coat? :-D


Easy Fashion Fred said...

Hi Musette

I am not sure to remember
Bu t maybe she lets her coat in her limo with driver !

StreetLounge said...

Beautiful, sexy, mysteryous... ;)

Anonymous said...

"The flame that burns me and destroys me
flows from lovely clear smooth living ice,
and so drains and dries the veins and heart
that I melt away almost invisibly..."

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