Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Fashion Auction Giveaway

hebergeur image

       We are holding our first auction here at Fashion, Art and Other Fancies! This beautifully well-made 
          silk skirt is the prize. The highest bidder will be the proud owner of the Haute Couture skirt made from 
          dupioni silk by master tailor and couturier Manuela von Haldenwang. 
          Send in your bids now at!!Bidding ends 18th January 2013. Proceeds 
          of this Fashion Auction Giveaway goes to Help Jamaica Library Projects, which is a registered non-profit 
          organization - founded in Berlin, Germany in 2008. Read more about the Jamaica Library Projects and its 
          board of Directors HERE  The floor is open - the starting bid price is €300.

           Or go to "Fashion, Art and Other Fancies"

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