Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Manu - les Tuileries - Paris

hebergeur image hebergeur image

      Manu - les Tuileries - Paris

      Manu Reas est cap-verdien d'origine et il a fondé sa propre marque. Son rêve est de
      devenir un grand créateur et son pire cauchemar serait de ne pas arriver à vivre de sa
      passion, la Mode. 
      Sweater by Givenchy
      Pants by Rick Owens
      Shoes by Vivienne Westwood
      Hat by Zara
      Shades by Wood Fellas
      Bag by Manu Reas (his own brand)

      Photos by Fred - Easy Fashion Paris



Anonymous said...

I miss the time when you used to share with us a few details about the not-famous people in your pictures! I still love your blog though! Always an inspiration! Thank you Fred!
A greek fan

Easy Fashion Fred said...

Hi from Paris dear anonymous greek fan,

I totally agree with you and I try to go back to the good old time.
I just regret when I had plenty of comments too !
I hope the best to you and people of Greece

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