Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sarah - les Tuileries - Paris

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      Sarah - les Tuileries - Paris

      I met the cosmic Sarah during Paris Fashion Week in les Tuileries. All her outfit is
      the result of the work of graduated students of Arnhem Fashion Academy (Holland).
      Her favorite perfume is from Balenciaga. Her biggest dream is to be successful in her
      life and her biggest nightmare is to be eternal (Why ? I would love to be eternal and 
      maybe I could get an invitation for Chanel in 2514 ?!).

      Photos by Fred - Easy Fashion Paris 

hebergeur image


Alex said...

Paris has the greatest style!!

Would be a pleasure, if you visit me too!

v234girl said...

I love this soft winter look. The colors are very pleasing to the eye and I love how she did her makeup.

Clarice said...

Paris rules!

love the style!

Chantal said...

I would love to meet those talented Holland students in person. They have to be so inspired to create something so beautiful. I love how she's done her makeup and that purple touch on her lips. I really like how she matched it with the sneakers!

Easy Fashion Fred said...

Thank you all for your comments !
and Happy New Year !

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