Friday, February 21, 2014

Meruyert Ibragim / le Grand Palais / Paris

hebergeur image hebergeur image

      Meruyert Ibragim - le Grand Palais - Paris

      The amazing Meruyert Ibragim is the happy publisher of the kazakhstani version of 
      Buro 24/7. 
      Jacket and top by Celine
      Skirt and boots by Prada
      Hat by Tak Ori
      Bag by Chanel

      Photos by Fred - Easy Fashion Paris


Beauty Follower said...

Wonderful skirt!

white noise app said...

Really amazing post! thanks for sharing. will back again.

Raster to Vector said...

I have read your blog post on "Meruyert Ibragim - le Grand Palais - Paris" related information. so thank you very much for sharing this valuable contents. I will visit again to read more post. :)

Salomé said...

Love love love this outfit :) Nice street style !
Bye !

Vanya Pavlides said...

Love this outfit! Check out mine:

Anonymous said...

Fabulous outfit! Check out my Fashion Week necklace:

theceelist said...

Discription s are great.
If you can, post Nancy Ajram. She'sin the city for FW

theceelist said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Barbara N. Rico said...

It's an well fashion . Like and appreciate your post . Keep continue sharing , thanks .

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