Monday, September 22, 2014

Stéphanie - Rue Montorgueil - Paris

hebergement d'image

    Stéphanie - Rue Montorgueil - Paris

    I met the charming Stephanie in the old parisian street of Montorgueil. Stephanie is a
    restaurant manager (I wonder what's on the menu ?). She is wearing a vintage Shirt
    with an H&M black T-Shirt, jeans by American Apparel, boots by Minelli. Her bag is 
    from Montréal. Her headphones are from Bose.

    Photo by Fred - Easy Fashion Paris


ila said...

This is amazing! I love your blog. Do you randomly capture people? If yes,me know if you would like to capture tourists too!
I am a fashion blogger from India

Easy Fashion Fred said...

Thank you Ila,
No I don't do it randomly.
But Maybe if you comme to PFW or walk down the streets of Paris, we will meet each other and take some photographs !

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