Friday, January 11, 2008

Paris/Les Halles/ Arnaud 16 Tektonik/Vertigo

©Photos Fred the Mole

My jacket is a G-STAR. My vest is from ADIDAS.
My tee-shirt is a CALVIN KLEIN.
My jeans are from DG. My belt is a ENERGIE.
My sneakers are from CONVERSE.
For me , Fashion is what's new.

Mon blouson est un G-STAR. Je porte aussi une veste ADIDAS.
Mon tee-shirt est un CALVIN KLEIN.
Mon jean est un DG et ma ceinture une ENERGIE.
Mes baskets sont des CONVERSE.
La mode, c'est ce qui est nouveau.


laimikis said...

i love the look and mimics of people you photo;

as you look through various street blogs, you notice, that some photographers get a good contact with street people - and some shoot people, keeping distance.

your photoes are warm, and it's evident, you've got the contact!:)

Anonymous said...

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