Friday, January 11, 2008

Paris/Les Halles/ Manon 14 & Charles 15 Highschool

© Photos Fred the Mole

My leather jacket and my sweater are from BERSHKA.
My jeans are from H&M. My sneakers are All-Stars CONVERSE.
For me Fashion is to look like what I am inside of me.
Mon blouson et mon pull sont des BERSHKA.
Mon jean est un H&M et mes baskets des CONVERSE.
Pour moi, la mode c'est ressembler à ce que je suis à l'intérieur.

My jeans are from CELIO and my sweater from ENERGIE.
My shoes are from LEVIS and my bracelets from CLAIRE'S.
For me Fashion is to look like nobody.
Mon jean est un CELIO et mon pull de chez ENERGIE.
Mes chaussures sont des LEVIS et mes bracelets des CLAIRE'S.
Pour moi la mode, c'est ne ressembler à personne.


laimikis said...

lovely couple,
sunny mood and
scarf is so coZy:)

thanks for your comment you left in our journal - but your photoes are so professional, we can only learn from you (have just bough new photo-cameras, a bit tired of our "flat" shots, simple photo-cameras give)

Laura said...

Ho ils sont adorable =)
A bientot
Mon blogspot ^^

Miss Zaza said...

Manon a des yeux incroyables :)

Anonymous said...

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