Friday, April 18, 2008

Jen 22 & Jun 29 - Fontaine des Innocents - Paris

Jen - Art History Student
Trench-coat: BURBERRY
Dress/robe: Vintage
Shoes/Chaussures: Cheapest in America
Sunnies/Lunettes: RAYBAN Wayfarers
Fashion ? Oh my god ! I love it !
My look today is boring-keeping warm.

Jun - Croupier
Jacket: Vintage
Shoes/Chaussures: VAN'S
Tee-Shirt: TRASHER

Sunnies/Lunettes: RAYBAN Wayfarers
Skate: RARE
Fashion is nothing, I am Fashion !
Today, my look is skater


Aesthetikophilos said...

How nicely they complement each other - black and white glasses, I bet they bought them together and swap them when they feel like it :)

Nicole Then said...

aww..that's so sweet

Charlotte said...

Oh...such a pretty couple! Great picture...

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