Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jessica - Le Marais - Paris

Jessica 19 - Press Officer/Attachée de Presse

Jacket/veste: H&M
Tee-Shirt: H&M
Pants: No Brand
Sneakers/Baskets: NIKE
Bag/Sac: from Luxemburg
Perfume/parfum: "Amor, amor" by CACHAREL
Last book: "Mordre au travers" by Virginie Despentes
Last CD: Bob Dylan
Fashion is to express my personality. Today, my look is casual.
La Mode, c'est exprimer sa personnalité. Aujourd'hui, mon look est décontracté.


Anonymous said...

I like this kind of urban look
very casual-cool
and she is so cute !

Tea Lady said...

I love this cool look! And would love to pull it off. This girl does urban chic so very well!

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