Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Li - Le Marais - Paris

Li 22 - Fashion Student at Berçot Studio

For me Fashion is something natural.
I think my look is rather classical.
My favorite brand is Lanvin
Pour moi, la Mode, c'est naturel.
Mon look est plutôt classique.
Ma marque fétiche, c'est LANVIN.


Alerte à Liège/Sophie said...

Merci pour ton passage sur mon blog et l'ajout!

V said...

J'adore ce look tres geek-chic! C'est dommage qu'il n'y a que tres peu de mecs que s'habillent aussi bien!

Alice Point said...

He looks perfect, I like his retro style. Glasses and a hat make the outfit realy great!:)

ELVIA said...

i love him!
i agree - fashion should be well but natural. it shouldn't look like he/she has tried so hard and i believe this boy had done it magnificently :)

great post! my favorite <3

The Fashion Bible said...

A stylish asian boy is rare species. But he looks kinda melancholic... or is it just my imagination? But whatever it is, great pictures!

Anonymous said...

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