Monday, September 1, 2008

Céleste - Le Marais - Paris

Céleste - 17 - Student

Jacket: Harrigton FRED PERRY
Sneakers: CONVERSE
Socks/Chaussettes: AMERICAN APPAREL
T-Shirt: Siouxsie & the Banshees
Perfume/Parfum: "Cinéma" by YSL
Last Book: "Stupeur et tremblement" by Amélie Nothomb
Last CD: New-York Dolls - Nashville Pussies
For me Fashion is to stand out of the crowd
My look is Foot-Ball Urban style


Alice Point said...

I like the colour of her lips and funny shoes:)

Martini said...

Ditto on the lips. Nothing like a red lipstick to brighten one's day.

kay said...

cute style!

Nicole Then said...

the headphones add a cool factor

Romain said...

bonjour,c'est Romain,vous m'avez pris en photo avec Celeste et Solenne et j'aimerais voir les photos,pouvez vous me les envoyers a cette adresse ? :
merci d'avance
au revoir

Caro Fernandez said...

Not the style I'd wear but she's impeccably styled.

The Dark Bohemian said...

the first thing I noticed when I saw this photo for the first time is that she really looks like the girl on her tee , isn't she ?

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