Friday, September 5, 2008

Héléna & Aurélien - Beaubourg - Paris

Héléna 15 - Student

Cow-boys Boots from USA
Tee-shirt: USA
Jeans/Jacket/Bag: H&M
Perfume/Parfum: "Alien" by Thierry Mugler
Last book: "a year in the merde" by Stephen Clarke
Last CD: Ben Harper
Fashion is to attract attention. My look is a mix of all and nothing.

Aurélien 18 - searching

Nearly all from H&M
Shoes: Delaveyne
Trench: from Italy
Glasses: Ray Ban
Last CD: Bob Marley
Fashion is to express my personality even if at the end everybody looks similar.
My look is personal


LaCouturier said...

i've had a recent obsession with leather jackets. awesome pictures! =)

ps - i'm moving my blog to if you don't mind, could you please switch the link? =) thanks sooo much!


Anonymous said...

Merci pour les photos.

Anonymous said...

Nice looks
I whish I were in Paris !


Anonymous said...

These are the kind of look that fits to me
Yeahhh !!


Raquel said...

Leather clothes! Today we have 25 degrees!

. said...

Yes Rachel ! summer is already finish in Paris
it's between 18 and 21 only ....
Fred the Mole

Aslı Cin said...

Hi, nice photos as usual. I want to send u a mail, but couldn't find the adress. Wanna ask sth

Anonymous said...

Hi Cin,
You can send me an e-mail at:


Siska said...

i want to go to paris!

Anonymous said...

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