Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Alexandra - Rue Montorgueil - Paris

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I am a just graduated stylist

I wear a cardigan by CAMAÏEU.
A black under-skirt. My tunic & bag are vintage.
Boots by ANDRE. My necklace is from N2 by les Néréides.
Perume: "The Beat" by Burberry's
Fashion is style
I love French Music ( Les ongles noirs, Debout sur le zinc)
I don't like metro.
My message to the world: Keep your own style !


jeremy Charpentier said...

belles couleurs de vetements et accessoires

Alina Farace said...

I like the dressing style of that girl wearing cardigan. To be perfectly fashionable and stylish like a glamour model one should know what to wear, how to wear and what all accessories match it.

B. said...

her neklace is so funny! its really creative

voguemanie said...


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