Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tessa & Xavier - Rue Montorgueil - Paris

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I work as a Fashion stylist

I wear a jacket from my own brand.
Shoes by JONAK. SunGlasses from VOGUE.
Jeans and T-Shirt H&M. Bag no brand.
Perfume: Annick Goutal.
Fashion is my work and passion.
My look is pink !
I love my boyfriend. I don't like to be in a hurry.
My message to the world: Buy my clothes !


I work as Estate Agent

I wear a vintage jacket from London.
Jeans by H&M. Sneakers by REEBOCK
Belt from my father.
Perfume: JP Gaultier.
Fashion is a feeling. My look is Urban-Casual.
I love to go to the restaurant with my girlfriend.
I don't like huge disco clubs.
My message to the world: Life is simple.

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Alina Farace said...

We can obtain confident by selecting the correct qualities in your dressing. In the photo that fashion stylist has a fantastic choice for the jacket, sunglasses, Jeans and T-Shirt.

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