Thursday, May 21, 2009

Christelle - Paris

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I work as a Marketing Assistant.

I wear a Top-Shirt, a Cardigan and a bag by H&M.
My boots are from MAJE. Glasses by MARC JACOBS.
Perfume: "Allure Sensuelle" by CHANEL.
In Fashion, I don't judge a book to its cover.
My look is casual.
I love Music. I don't like Hypocrisy.
My message to the world: Care about family and children !

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Yan said...

hello I just want to drop a word, keep up the good work!!! visiting this website has become my daily internet routine, so does a couple of my freinds in Hong Kong.

Alexander said...

Very nice glasses.

Alex's World! -

Nick Leonard said...

Holy shit! Stylish find. She's stunning.

sherri said...

she's dressed so simple and chic...and i looooove how she's rocking those earings!

alice said...

Wow, she has an amazing style! These pants are fabulous!

Dark Bohemiian said...

neo amber rose actually !

Princess B. said...

I agree, Dark Bohemian! That's exactly who she reminded me of .... Cool earrings.

Alex Folzi said...

lol nice ear rings

Anonymous said...

Thanks :)
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