Monday, August 3, 2009

It's time for Holidays !

Je suis absent pour 2 petites semaines.
Mais je continue à vous lire et j'espère ramener plein de photos.
Merci pour votre fidélité et RDV vers le 20 août.
Bonnes vacances !

I am in holidays for 2 little weeks.
I will try to bring back a lot of pictures.
Tkanks for your visits and comments.
I will be back in Paris around 20th of august.
See you soon !

Fred the Mole

As I said before I lost most part of links.
You can let a message here and I will link you back ...


Princess B. said...

Bon voyage, Fred the Mole. We will all miss you and await any new pictures you bring back.

Do you love my shoes ? said...

Bonnes Vances :)

P said...

La vida es esto. Prestémosle atención a los
detalles. Al calorcito humeante del pis, a sacar la basura, a viajar apretados
en colectivo. Si no disfrutamos eso, ¿qué nos queda?

StreetstyleNews said...

Hello Fred,

please link back to StreetstyleNews!

Thanks a lot and have a great holiday!

FiL said...

Merci de "revenir" et "seulement" avec des photos, bcp bcp bcp de photos :)


Allen said...


Have a good holiday~

Hairdresser said...

where are you going Fred ?


Bonne vacances!!! moi aussi je vais me mettre au vert très bientôt.

Cambria Marie said...

Fred - Love the blog. Why can't the states dress as fabulous as Paris?? I too am excited to see new pictures :)

Olviya said...

hope you'll have lots of inspirational moments!)

Vanessa Jackman (Street+Style = StreetStyle) said...

Oooooo HAPPY HOLIDAYS Fred!!! I can't wait to see where you have been :)

Birk-G said...


my name is Birk and my hobby is the photography.

Since 2 month I have a blog, where I show the style of Hannover (Germany). You can find it under

Your blog looks very good, so I have put it on my blogroll. Can you do the same, please?

Many thanks und cheers from Germany,

ps: I have sent you this message to your email-adress one week ago

*xen said...

love your pictures and your music selection too.. i always download them after i hear them on your playlist! (: have fun and come back soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi from Indonesia and the China See !

I'll be back in a few days after a stop in Singapour
Thanks for your messages
I dont forget you !

Fred the môle

Eva. said...

Me encanta este blog, aunque no me entere una mierda de lo que está en inglés ^^

FiL said...

Moi je dis que ça commence a faire long sans ZE "Fred the Mole".........

A bon entendeur :)


... said...

Merci à tous pour vos messages !
Je suis de retour

Fred the Mole

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