Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shabnen - Rue Tiquetonne - Paris

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I am a Doctor
I wear a T-Shirt and Shoes
by (I did'nt catch it :() ...)
Legging by PRIMARK.
Bag vintage
Perfume : Addict by DIOR.
Fashion is Dress up if you like ;.;
My look is shopping.
I love Money. Money makes all work around ...
I don't like rude people, who don't open doors, rude maners ...
My message to the worls; live this day as if it was your last !

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Matilda said...

I like her outfit! Check out my blog

Style Geek said...

She's a doctor?? (O_o!)
Wow! ....
um... really love her style. That dress needs to go in my closet and her heels are fabulous!

but the doctro thing... lol
Life, Love & the Pursuit of Fashionable People

Baglife said...

J´aime beaucoup votre blog.
Vraiement formidable !!!

Nick Leonard said...

I love her hairstyle & leggings. Beauty.

Anonymous said...


Almaty Street Fashion said...

I wish all doctors were like her ))

FiL said...

Interesting silhouette & very cool t-shirt :)


Olviya said...

interesting print. and lovely lady-doctor (looks more like rocklady)))

Anonymous said...

A doctor!!!
Geeezz she's freakin' awesome!!!
Love her style

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