Friday, July 2, 2010

Camille - Place Vendôme - Paris

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"I work in a Press Office public Relations
For me Fashion is to show who you are with your personal touch.
Today, my look is a little special.
If I had 1 000€ to spend in Fashion Stuff,
I would buy a bag by BALENCIGA or shoes by LOUBOUTIN.
I love the sea. I hate the rain.
My message to the world: You must have no regrets ..."

I wear a silk dress by KARMACOMA
Bag from Brazil
Sunnies by PERSOL
Watch by ERNST


The Photodiarist said...

How do you match the subject and the background so perfectly? Do you walk around with the person looking for the perfect door? I am always amazed by your ability to do this.

Easy Fashion Fred said...

Thank you
Most of the time I know the place already.
If I don't, I look fisrt for backgrounds and wich side is the good light and after I try to marry looks and backgrounds. But you know there is al ot of doors like that in Paris.
Thank for your comment

Anonymous said...

I love her dress and shoes. I did not know the brand of the dress but I guss I will have a look!

Easy Fashion Fred said...

Camille told me it's a brand from Corsica
I did'nt knew as well

Bastien said...

Tiens, j'ai les même Persol.
Nice work

cee said...

i love the marrying of the photograph and the person's personality in this picture!
great work!

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