Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ulyana Sergeenko at Dior - Paris Fashion Week

hebergeur image hebergeur image

      Ulyana Sergeenko at Dior - Paris Fashion Week

      The russian stylist Ulyana Sergeenko finds her inspiration in the
      iconic representations of the old russian empire. Here with these 
      medals as jewels making her looking like an Archiduc of the
      tzarist time, or is it a red army marechal ?

      Photos by Farid - Easy Fashion Paris
 hebergeur image


Anonymous said...

Super stylish! The coat is one of a kind!

obat ambeien said...

thank's regard for your information and i like this post ^___^

v234girl said...

Her style is so lovely and breathtaking.

Adeola Naomi Aderemi said...

She is also a designer not to forget that.

Stela ALVES said...

Salut Fred, kisses from Sri Lanka.

Easy Fashion Fred said...

Hou Stella !

You are so lucky !!

Easy Fashion Fred said...

And thank you for your comments by the way !!

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