Thursday, April 2, 2009

Andrea & Yann - Etienne Marcel - Paris

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Andrea 19

I work in Glamour Magazine as Assistant Editor in Paris

My coat is from ZARA
Jeans by TILT. Boots from NYC.
Tee-shirt by DROP DEAD
Bag vintage. Sunglasses by RAYBAN.
Perfume: Cherri Blossom by GUERLAIN
Fashion is an expression of yourself. My look is grunge.
I like Vodka Tonic. I hate thugs.
My message to the world: Come to my parties !

Yann 25

I work as a barman

My jacket is a souvenir from Italy.
jeans from PANDIUM. Shoes from NIKE.
Shirt & Helmet by D-Squared.
Sun-Glasses by RayBan.
Perfume: Amen by T.Mugler
My parents are both right in Fashion.
My look is from South-France.
I love Women. I don't like Men.
My message to the world: Wake up ! The planet is in danger !


Anonymous said...

Funky couple. Love the way they do

Marleena Hills said...

I know Andrea, she is kinda famous on Myspace:
She's really pretty :)

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