Sunday, June 21, 2009

Clémence - Paris

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I work as Stylist in CITIZEN K Magazine

I wear an old jeans jacket by MISS SIXTY.
Shorts vintage from LA.
Cardigan by H&M.
Shoes by TOPSHOP.
Bag by CHANEL.
Perfume: "For Her" by NARCISSO RODRIGUEZ.
Fashion is quality and cut first. My look is eclectic.
I love my work. I don't like grey weather.
My message to the world: Have fun !

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Anonymous said...

Really pretty and her shoes are amazing !


Pin'up Girl said...

J'adore toi blog!:) It's fascinating and inspirating:) You are very good in choose interesting wore people. And I have a question: what do you think about wear shorts and highheels together? Is it right?? In my town a girl whose wear this clothes is think bitch by people:/

... said...

Hi from Paris Pin'up Girl,
Well, I think it's not really a problem in Paris. Because most of the people find it great or maybe people don't care about what you are wearing
But I understand, it could be a problem in certain places with certain people...
You have to come to Paris ...

Fred the Mole

stardustandberries said...

I love your blog! Every time I come to read it, it has been amazing. I love the variety of styles people in your photos feature!

... said...

Thank you Rosy !

Fred the Mole

FiL said...

Very nice 3/4 jeans jacket and good looking shoes...very good looking shoes :)



Du mix de styliste parfait! J'aime beaucoup sa longue veste en jeans Miss Sixty.

Olivier de Zio said...

Amazing !
La Vie en Rouge'blog was right… ;-)

Sarah said...

she is lovely. I want those shoes !

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