Thursday, September 3, 2009

Elina et Edouard - Paris

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I am a Student (Elina)
I wear a skirt by ZARA.
Boots vintage.
Panama Hat 100% Straw.
Bag ?
No Perfume.
Fashion is identity.
My look is casual-summer-chic.
I love good mood people.
I don't like resentment.
My message to the world: Hurrah for life !

I am a commecial representative (Edouard)
I wear a basic T-Shirt.
Jeans by GOSSUIN.
Sneakers by PRADA.
Watch by SECTOR.
Perfume: "Noir Epice" by F.MALLE.
Fashion is about identity.
My look is casual with a minimum.
I love my Girl-Friend.
I don't like egoism.
My message to the world: Help your fellow man.


Deja Pseu said...

What a cute couple!

Anonymous said...

hey hello.
i love your blog!
and the background music either!
keep doing this!
i've been check this blog everyday for long time.

... said...

Thank you dear Deja Pseu and Anonym !

Fred the Mole

Anonymous said...

Love these two very cute

FiL said...

Très jolie photo, les deux sont très cool :)


Cambria Marie said...

Adorable. I love the women's dress with the hat. It's beautiful.

Tina Turner costume said...

I love your casual dress...
You are great couple.

Lucille said...

Jolie couple

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